Help Center


  1. How to participate in the competition?

The registration will be closed in Aug. 5. To enter, you would submit the entry form, upload pictures & videos of your doggies for each round and then simply encourage your friends to vote for your doggies!


  1. I own more than one dog. How do I sign up for all my dogs?

Dogs may be submitted as an individual entrant or a group entry. If you want each of your dogs to participate separately, you can create separate  accounts for them .  To summit your dogs as a group, you can create one account and upload their photos and videos together. For the latter option, these photos and videos can contain multiple dogs in the same frame.


  1. When will I receive my gifts or prizes?

We will inform you via email after your gifts or prizes have been sent out. Please make sure your registered email and address are correct.

If you have questions, please contact support@pawfectpetshow.com


  1. What kind of pictures or videos should I upload?

You can upload the memorable moments that best represents the theme of each round, e.g., doing exercise, touching moments, displaying dramatic behavior, etc.


Please don’t forget to make sure that your files are formatted properly. Acceptable pictures are in JPG format and within 5MB in size. Acceptable videos are in MP4. or MOV. format,   less than one-minute recommended, file sizes must be within 150MB.


  1. If you have other questions, please contact: support@pawfectpetshow.com